Clipped wings: Victoria Secret sales slip as buyers have become less daring

Victoria secret angel wings don’t beat as vigorously as it was before, but You don’t know what company’s flagship store in new York at Herald square – supermarket underwear, bras, bralettes, giant screens smiling winged models and entire floors of pink products, including a $55 perfume toilet water hot.

Last week, the model described luxury lingerie, as ‘possibilities’. Is she right?

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What can go wrong selling sexy lingerie to millions of women? Many, it seems.

Last week, Victoria’s secret, an Ohio-parent L Brands reported an unexpected decline in June comparable sales for the lingerie brand, despite the long semi-annual sales and deep price reductions.

Clothing and retail analysts pounced. “Game over” for Victoria’s secret and pink, jefferies analyst Randal Konik said in a note. Consumers switched to more familiar brands such as the brand American Eagle nests, while in “the secret of Victoria saw a massive decline in traffic, zero pricing on the electricity markets and the share of the losses mounting”, Konik continued.

Konik came to the conclusion that investors ignore the facts and L brands stock was down 11%. Now at 40% per year. It suddenly seemed that the company secretly in disguise on the growth in the company, the teen-focused pink line was no longer well hidden. Victoria’s secret-this is not 1 of the American lingerie brand, but its market share is declining.

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To make matters worse, many secret Victoria 1200 stores in the U.S. and Canada are in the American system beleaugured shopping center, is considered to be on the decline.

“I came here for the pink line, but now I go to Maki,” admitted Yvonne Ryder, 32, from new Jersey, pulling out the underwear in the online store Herald square as she was preparing for the bachelorette party, which she attended. “Their bras are ridiculously expensive, along with the rest of the underwear.”

Comments rider conform to industry surveys. In September 2017 consumer research conducted by the company “wells Fargo” found that 48% of customers who had shopped at Victoria’s secret last year, 58% said that the prices were too high.

It is important to note that the study showed that Victoria’s secret also “may be falling out of favor” with 68% of respondents said that they like the brand less than before. More than half of them said that the brand feels “forced” or “fake”. Analysts worry that the sports bras and bralettes can be the alienation of its core customers.

“The image of the brand, is now leaning towards more natural looks and relatable beauty,” the analysts write. “However, given how important the “sexy” image is Victoria secret brand, we believe the full name of the support to catch up with the current trends may be difficult to implement.”

Does this mean that at the end of the Victoria’s secret angel, and an annual television show? The company did not say, but, as one new York stylist said (albeit under cover of anonymity in the face of a still powerful brand): “how many times can I send a model on the catwalk in angel wings? He is tired and has been for 10 years.”

Attempts to break into the Chinese underwear market, already outnumber us, and is estimated to reach $33 billion by 2020, according to euromonitor, came in November, when the company became entangled in the Chinese bureaucracy and models including Gigi Hadid and singer Katy Perry were denied visas to attend fashion shows.

But an even bigger question about #Metoo accelerated more generalized reaction to the prospect described as “the male gaze”. “Politics and style may seem to be distant relatives, but they are all intertwined in a very politicized world,” – said in April Ted Marzilli, CEO of information products for yougov, Forbes.

Elissa Sangster, Director of the Forte Foundation, groups want to increase the number of women in managerial and Executive positions, told the Guardian: “if you want to get more women in leadership and felt that they are respected at work, then to turn on the TV and in a Victoria secret show, asking: ‘is this really what we want to imagine?’”

In an interview with the financial times earlier this year, Les Wexner, 80, who bought L brands for $1M in 1982, when he was on the verge of bankruptcy, rejected the testimony that the male objectification of women contributed to the troubles Victoria secret in.

As China has done Victoria secret a pawn in a ruthless global game | Paul Mason

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“I think it’s just complete nonsense,” he says. If my gear sells tight yoga pants, “it’s because women want to buy.”

But it’s too early to read the secret that Victoria? The company was the biggest seller of lingerie in the world from 2006 to 2016. Sales grew from $4.5 billion to $7 billion. But now, with 200 million young Chinese women to sell in China-it’s the only game in town.

Last week shares in the Chinese language lingerie giant girl Cosmo gained on the news that the new development Director is none other than Sharen Jester Turney, the former Director of secret of Victoria, who led the brand with us through years of growth and glory.

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