Citibank American Airlines 50 000 Miles Business Proposal + Operator $200 Credit

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  • “Citibusiness” American airlines “platinum select” world elite MasterCard is offering 50,000 American airlines miles after you spend $2,500 within the first three months. Plus, new cardholders also receive a statement credit of $200 for the right to buy the American airlines within the first 12 months after account opening.

Card Details

  • The annual fee of $95 will not be charged in the first year
  • Contains one bonus American airlines for 24 months language

Our Verdict

We posted the same deal yesterday, but the personal version. Current best offer is 60,000 miles, and then they allow you to compare up to 75,000 miles. Interestingly enough, matches up to 70000 miles, this proposal also works for some, means that you can effectively get 70,000 miles + statement credit for $200. Obviously not guaranteed to work though. Before use or ask basic questions in comments, make sure you read these things all need to know about the Citi cards here. Also keep in mind that this offer contains the following wording:

  • American bonus program airlines aadvantage® miles are not available if you have any Citibank® / ® card aadvantage (except for Citibusiness® card / ® aadvantage) are open or closed in the last 24 months.

We will discuss this in more detail here.

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