Changes In Citibank American Airlines Offer?

If you follow other blogs, you’ve probably seen offers for as little as 60,000 miles on American Citi personal card of airlines and 70,000 km on American city business card. I suspect that these proposals are early release numbers, they said, will be launched with the new changes in a personal card, which is on July 22. It became possible to apply for 60,000 miles offered for some time, and then gets to 75,000 miles on personal and business options, it is possible that method no longer works, but I doubt it. This post is really just a PSA for the readers to make sure that everyone knows about matching opportunities. If someone has coincided with today, it would also be useful to place their data in the comments below, just so we know that city are still relevant. As always you can see the best current credit card bonuses by clicking here.

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