Champion of British business, instead of telling us, the President of the CBI says British politicians

The President of KBR press politicians to talk business and not a champion of the causes of British companies.

Negativity harms the reputation of the UK at a vital time for its overseas image, Paul Drexler warned. Politicians too often prefer to project an unfair picture of gloom and bad behavior, he said.

“The leaders I visit] are enthusiastic Champions of the business,” said Mr. Drexler, who resigned after three years in the upper part of the CBD. “They publicly talk about how they want more business investment house, the value of the business plays in the economy.

I want British politicians to be proud and enthusiastic Champions of business. “Yes, we do at times fail. But in the Grand scheme of things, failures are exceptions – let’s shout louder about the successes.”

Failure to do important projects off the ground and damages the reputation of the UK, and undermines the country’s competitiveness, he said. Mr. Drexler urged the government to approve the expansion of Heathrow, as he got a job in the CBD in 2015.

Paul said, Drechsler British politicians can learn a lot from foreign leaders, who say their countries and their economies

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg News

“If we pull it further, I am in no doubt that it will have a significant impact on the economy,” he warned. He also called on government as soon as possible to complete talks quarter and month, with an agreement that includes without delay and bureaucracy at customs.

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