Can someone help me with this credit report? #helpmewiththiscreditreport

Ok i have a few bad things on my credit. i was 18 when it all started and i am now almost 25.

I have a repo on my account that was 13000 and is now currently at 5500. but the last yr i have been tight on cash and havent paid anything on it so this past may it was closed and sent to a collections agency.
Theres now a potentially negitive closed on the repo account an im sure the collection agency is going to put up a report on it. i am making payments on it.

Can someone help me with this credit report

Close up of Credit report typewriter concept

can i have GMAC remove there potentially neg close off the report since they sold it?

Also I have 3 credit cards on this report that 2 are paid off in full and one is still in collections.
I have a capital one account thats says “current closed” balance of zero and thats the same for the discover card.. they have a gray check mark next to the names. date opend (4/1/02)

What does “Current Closed” mean? is that a positive closed? i did pay them in full and the balance says nothing… not even a 0. but does say credit card- revolving terms.. if this is bad how do i fix this? is as old as 2002 and i wont have any type of comfirmation on payment unless the companies say i paid.
And the 3rd card is a chase that says “Unknown” and “credit card-revolving terms”(8/1/02)

Can i have this legally removed?

An theres a First USA Bank that says potentially neg closed. which i believe its the chase account that was sold to the bank or collection agency.

Basically my main questions are:

  1. can i have the potentially negative closed accounts gone if they where sold to a collections agency legally?
  2. can i have the unknown chase account removed if it was sold to the first usa bank?
  3. and can i have the current closed credit card accounts removed?
  4. will paying off the first usa bank closed account (12/1/05). make it turn current an lower my score even more? am i better off just letting it disappear?

What can i do to get these off my report?

Im trying to buy a house and i make enough money to pay even a 10 percent interest on a house loan but my credit score of 548 wont even get me a loan.

i have to pay the repo cause the collection angency will open a fresh hit on my report. so im sure the 548 will be much lower in a month or less.

Any help with this would be great