Boss Vodafone optimistic series bows after 10 years at the helm

Incoming Executive Director, Vodafone has marked the end of an era of blockbuster transactions as a batch of upbeat Luke after a decade of revolutionizing the telecommunications giant.

Nick read, currently chief financial officer, will take over the reins in October. Vodafone has announced the date of transfer after agreeing 18.4 billion euros (£16.2 billion) acquisition of liberty global cable network on the continent.

Mr. read, 53-year-old Briton, who worked at Vodafone for 12 years, he said he will focus on providing massive cost reduction and the combination of mobile and broadband services, which expansion strategy Mr Cola was founded.

“In the next Chapter will be more about the execution of these changes,” he said after a year-long process of succession in which Vodafone stated external candidates are also considered.

“It’s more organically focused, delivering for customers, for business, for financial reasons.”

Nick read who is the new boss Beeline?

Vodafone is buying German cable network of global freedom as Central to the transaction, which also includes the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

Said Mr Cola he plans to spend his remaining months shuttling between London, Berlin and Brussels to suppress the opposition in a deal with Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s former national telecommunications monopolies. This meeting with a stronger competitor broadband, as Vodafone will increase the coverage of the cable from less than a third to almost two thirds of houses.

In the framework of its plan to focus on the daily operations of Vodafone, Mr. read said he will accelerate the digital overhaul. The operator was tracked services such as customised mobile data packages and automated customer service chatbots and plans to implement them across your business.

Possession of Mr. Cola was characterized by hard work in the market of mergers. He sought to simplify the global Empire of joint ventures and strategic partnerships to transfer funds in European countries where Vodafone was the strongest.

the price of Vodafone share

Deal with Liberty global came at the end of a four-year courtship. Vodafone is also due to distance from the brutally competitive Indian mobile phone market by combining its operation in the sub-continent with a rival this summer. Big deal Mr. Cola it was £84bn sale of 45pc card Vodafone in US mobile operator Verizon wireless.

This 56-year-old said he has not decided what his next career move will be as he unveiled the final set of annual results he described as “exceptional” after a long battle for growth against the background of regulatory pressure and price wars.

The main sales of the company Vodafone rose 1.6 PC to €41.1 billion, Adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) rose by 11.8 PC to €14.7 billion, due to higher profits as reducing costs and demand for mobile Internet access, the boosted return of investment.

Vodafone shares sank almost 4pcs, however, as investors digested news of the departure of Mr. oil and a more cautious Outlook for the coming year. EBITDA is forecasted to increase by 1pc and 5pcs, Mr read the warning that the launch of a new mobile network in Italy is likely to squeeze prices.

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