BMW launches another huge recall over fire hazard fears

BMW was forced to issue another massive recall of vehicles in the UK because of fears that they could catch fire.

The problem is with the wiring connecting the battery and the fan, and is thought to affect nearly 300 000 cars in the UK.

This is the second major recall, the German automaker has managed to give two weeks. May 10, BMW said that 312,000 cars in the UK must be taken in repair of security due to issues with another cable.

Earlier Recall that affected the 1 series, 3 series, Z4 and X1 petrol and diesel models manufactured between March 2007 and August 2011 – was connected with the malfunction that led to the engine cutting out, leading to the loss of electricity.

The problem, believed to have been involved in a fatal accident two years ago on Christmas when a car swerved to avoid a BMW that had stopped in the middle of a dark road in Hampshire.

Driver – Narayan Gurung, 66, who was driving with his wife – tried to miss stopped a black BMW and crashed into a tree in his Ford Fiesta. He died from his injuries.

The latter lack of effect on the BMW 3 series of cars produced from 2004 to 2011


The last malfunction that may be present in the BMW 3 series of cars produced in the period between December 2004 and July 2011 – because of the risk of ignition wiring.

Over the past two years BMW has recalled around 1.5 million vehicles due to faults in hot climates, as the additional electrical load caused by the cooling systems of cars, working harder problems more likely.

The company does not believe that cars without Specification warm climate will be affected, but has since expanded references to other sites.

The BMW 1 series was caught in the first review

Although almost 300,000 vehicles could be affected by the latter problem, more than two-thirds of them have already called in for repair, because they were covered by the first insulation fault. This means that in total are subject to recalls, but even more than 88,000 vehicles.

The representative of BMW said: “We decided to expand existing contacts of the battery recall replacement of fan controller wiring harness in the affected 3 series. This includes the replacement of two wire connections on the already damaged cars and Recalling an additional 88,000 cars in the UK.

“We take this opportunity existing recall to proactively check and replace the wiring harness of fan controller. We are taking all precautions in terms of security, while minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to the affected customers.”

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