Best Reviews For July

I accidentally published this before, Oh! I’ll repost it at the end of the month and listed the readers will receive a $10 Amazon gift card to say thank you.

The contents

  • 1 Bank Bonuses
  • 2 Misc

Bank Bonuses

  • Exchange of Vik, which is a bonus woori Bank worked outside of new York. Sometimes it’s not entirely clear what branch bonus/don’t work. I really appreciate people going to the local office and check.
  • Another Redditor. Another DataPoint (see what I did there?) of woori Bank is operated outside new York, however, it is a soft pull and how strict they are with direct Deposit
  • Jenn gives us all the necessary details for first home Bank. Soft pull. Us $1,500 by credit card. Of the status of the application worked. Bang Bang Bang!
  • Maggie letting us know that the national bonus of valley Bank is also available in Alabama.
  • Exchange Payyououttuesday experience the opening of the first National Bank in branch, as well as letting us know early termination of the account. Appreciate people, I’m not on early termination of the account, as they are often not listed online.
  • JuicyJosh exchange of the state that applications work. I feel that Josh is constantly testing boundaries and DP that they want to see.
  • DPG is letting us know that MidFirst Bank offers also available in AZ for $200. Another state, the right bigger bonus.
  • Jason is letting us know that it is a soft pull and business documents necessary for this case California.
  • Ann constantly to keep us up to date with new banking interest rates APY. Such things are really what makes this site possible.
  • Dan is legal hero, letting us know how to keep the bonus and close Five star Bank account quickly to help bring down the bonus.


  • Peter with a witty one liner.
  • David splits power corresponding status in Atlantic city. Not a bad haul at all.
  • Renee to share the details about how bad Exxon new awards for the launch of the program went mobile.

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