Barclays wins the support of the S&P about how to fight Bramson is running on

Barclays received an additional impetus in the fight with Edward er, raider, after rating Agency Standard & poor (s&P) warned the shake-up in strategy may lead to damage to the Bank’s creditworthiness.

The rating agencies look carefully at the Barclays, as he struggled in recent years.

Moody’s downgraded the Bank’s credit rating to one notch above “junk” at the beginning of this year. However, S&P and its rival Agency confirmed the credit rating to BBB+ this month, leaving it three notches above junk.

Index S&P warned that the rating would be under threat if “our confidence in the predictability of its management and strategy fade away” – prejudice with Mr Bramson.

S&P also criticized Sherborne investors, a vehicle Mr. uh, saying that her performance was “additional restriction”.

Investor activist Edward Bramson wants to reduce the Size of investment banking Barclay

Sherborne has created more than 5pc stake in the Bank, and aims to turn around loss-making organizations in engineering a radical change. He had previously secured a major overhaul in management and strategy on small British firm Electra and F&S.

Mr. um is understood to be seeking to reduce investment Barclays Bank and focus the company’s efforts on a more efficient retail business, in particular credit cards barclaycard unit.

The S&P index is called for continuity, saying in Barclays had made “significant progress” under the head of Barclays Jes Staley.


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