App Chase ‘Paper’ (You) Still Bypassing 5/24

Update: we now have multiple data points that show these new companies docusign apps still bypass 5/24. Good news, CHEERS! Data points: 1, 2. Share in the comments below.

Original post: one of the ways to circumvent the chase rule 5/24 was to apply using a paper application through the Manager business relationship. Reader Erik left a comment on that June 1 was the last day for these applications and they will start a new process with e-mail applications and docusign on 4 June. I didn’t think too much about it, but then yesterday I saw a report on reddit about something similar (and here). It’s not 100% clear if this new process still bypasses the rule 5/24 or not, although at least one DataPoint suggests that it may not. We saw a ‘chosen offers a way for you to temporarily stop how it works, so it’s possible that something similar could happen here.

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