American Express open Savings to replace ‘business’/amex offers for business

“American Express” officially ended open savings for business program today. If you followed the blog, you will see that they also put forward a number best American Express deals that were only focused on the business of the Bank:

  • [Business Card] AMEX Offer: 25% Back At FedEx With $1,000 Limit
  • [Business Card] AMEX Offer: 10% Back On Exxon Mobil, A Limit Of $100
  • [Business card] AMEX offer: 10% back on Lowe’s, a limit of $100
  • [Business Card] AMEX Offer: 10% Back On The Staples, A Limit Of $100

It seems that these proposals will be to replace the open Savings program from American Express-send e-mails about how such:

Starting June 1, American Express will bring you to the next stage of evolution, savings, adding a wider range of current offers on the amex offers for Your business. With valuable suggestions from existing channel partners to interesting offers from staples, Dell and ExxonMobil™, you can enjoy more opportunities to save 5% -10% or more on business expenses.

Hat tip to rapid travel tea & BeautifullyHandmade