American Express Issues With Daily Operations

Update: looks like this is not only for small transactions and large transactions as well. Because of this, it is possible that the tracker just doesn’t work on all purchases from 6/25. Please share your own DP in the comments below.

“American Express” has two cards for each day, these cards are unique because you get a % bonus on points if you make a certain amount of purchases each month as follows:

  • AMEX everyday: earn 20% additional points when you make 20 or more purchases on your card
  • AMEX everyday preferred: earn 50% additional points when you make 30 or more purchases on your card

Before any purchase you made would count for count. It seems that American Express is not without some purchases count towards this requirement of the transaction. They seem, mostly, not counting small purchases, such as Amazon rebooted, iTunes, small gas transactions, and more. The problem is that I don’t see anything in the fine print that gives them the right to exclude such transactions. The fine print States:

A transaction where you buy multiple items counts as one purchase. Purchases do not include fees or interest charges, transfers, cash advances, purchase of travelers checks, purchases or reloading the prepaid card, or purchase of other cash equivalents.

I see American Express if in addition to the Amazon credit recharge (purchase or recharge card, prepaid), but excluding other items not consistent with the current environment at all. If “American Express” wants to impose a minimum purchase amount requirement (e.g $1/5$), they should probably add it to the fine print and informing Bank customers about the change and make it in advance of the changes. I wish card issuers will begin after the fine print they stated, not just make up rules on the fly without any consequences, but I don’t see what’s going to happen in the near future.

Hat tip to direct credit card to us for the first reporting Amazon reboots don’t work & /R/churning for that other purchases are also excluded.