American Express centurion lounge Twitter will be closed for renovations from 7/24 until 8/14

Just a friendly reminder, this gym is now closed. It’s not like American Express gives nothing to those customers who have been inconvenienced and the club at DFW” is your only real alternative (of minute suites is not a living room). To make matters worse, the club’s temporary folder and from all reports it is absolutely appalling (photos here).

Hello, the Centurion lounge at Dallas airport is closed from 24 July to 14 August. At the same time, the terminal D, cardholders have access to the club at dfw, and minute suites. You will need a card.^J. D.

Ask AMEX (@AskAmex) 25 Jul 2018

Sign found Twitter user @obeanz71 American Express centurion lounge in Twitter will be closed for three weeks from 24 July to 14 August. He says that updates will be available online or through the AMEX app but currently there is no mention of it in the app or on the website. “American Express” was to open a major new centurion lounge at Dallas airport in a new place in the first half of 2018. They clearly did not meet this deadline, and it will be, obviously, considerably more than originally estimated, otherwise I don’t understand why they wanted to close the current room for three weeks to make repairs.

It’s not like the card holders will receive any compensation for the inconvenience. Platinum & Centurion cardholders have access to priority pass, so they can access the minute suites in terminal A & D or club in DFW in terminal D (it is also the temporary location). I expect that it will be absolute chaos at the club until the open. I suspect that the people who made connections based on having access to this room will not be too happy.

As some noted in the comments, maybe they’re planning to open a new hall on the 14th or so and need to close the existing living room before (e.G to move furniture or simply a set of employees in the new hall). It’s certainly possible, but I think “American Express” you can understand it better as it is better to open a new hall than just saying that the repair work needs to be done to the existing lounge.

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