Amazon: Buy $100 Amazon Gift Card And Receive A Free Pair Of Happy Socks [Times A Day]

Looks like you can do the deal once per day for the balance of the gift card. Because of this, it may make sense to just wait and make one card $100 per day, not $100/150$/card of$200 immediately, if you want to stock up. Very sorry that we can’t do different designs, but perhaps good for well-being. Hat tip to Lantean.

The contents

  • 1 Offer
  • 2 The Fine Print
  • 3 Our Verdict


Direct link to offer (affiliate link)

  • Amazon offers gift card with happy socks. Basically you buy a $100 Amazon gift card and get a free pair of happy socks (You can also buy denominations $150, $200, $250, $500).

The Fine Print

  • Limit one per account, but you can buy once each denomination
  • Size:
    • Us socks Size 10 – 13
    • US Shoe Size 8 – 12
    • Us W Shoe size 10 – 12½
    • Shoes size EUR Size 41-46

Our Verdict

Similar to Grund the bear offers them often. I really like the happy socks products, I have socks and they are comfortable and colorful. I think that these basic designs usually sell for about $ 11, but they often have great sales by 50% (Yes, I know that is a lot for socks. I usually get my gifts and I like funky models). You could also get some free socks if you’re going to spend money on Amazon, you can still use Amazon gift cards to buy gift cards from third parties, and no problems. Just make sure you have a credit card that earns at a high speed on Amazon purchases, otherwise it might make more sense to use a credit card that earns at a high speed in a different category and buy Amazon gift cards from one of these stores (electronic.g If you have 5x on office supply stores, then buying from Amazon at the staples would make more sense if You don’t have a good Amazon earn card). For what it’s worth I’ll be a buyer at $100, and I suspect that they will sell at some stage, as it usually happens with Gund bears. If I could choose different patterns, I would probably buy at $150 & $200, but since I can’t double it.