Aimia/Aeroplan Rejects Air Canada Offers, Will Cooperate With Porter

If you don’t already know, “air Canada” spun off “Airplane” (the current “air Canada” loyalty program) in 2002 as a separate division, the Aeroplane was eventually sold to Aimia who are the current owners. They have an exclusive contract with air Canada to 29 June 2020. Air Canada has already stated that they intend to launch their own competing programs, and Aeroplan has recently announced some details of their plans post air Canada exclusive.

Since “air Canada,” TD – comments & visa made an offer to “Airplane”, which was rejected (proposal of$325 million and the Airplane wanted 450 million$) & Alliance have also expressed interest. Aeroplan today announced the beginning of cooperation with Porter airlines. Porter airlines will begin issuing Aeroplan miles in July 2020, and they account for 60% of seats available for redemption to members of Aeroplan. Somehow, I still don’t think this Saga is completely over.

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