A high standard of living, low sales: the shard apartments are still empty five years on

When he opened the Shard’s developers boasted that it should only take “about 20 calls” to sell 10 exclusive apartments near the top of the tower to 50 million pounds each.

Another five years on the Duke of York and former Prime Minister of Qatar officially the opening of the “Europe’s first vertical city” with a dazzling laser display on July 5, 2012, 10 apartments on the 53rd to 65th floors of the 72-storey houses remain unsold.

Brochures for condos, which include three two-storey duplex units, boasted that on a clear day, residents of the city should be able to see the sea and stands in Ascot from his new perch in the city center.

The empty tower in London to mark the very British form of corruption | Simon Jenkins

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The penthouse is 735ft on, just below the entrance to £30.95 time public viewing deck, which attracts up to 6,000 visitors a day. Even in a low apartment, which is expected to sell for $ 30 million more than any house ever built in London.

But these brochures are not available and the developers of the towers and their hosts Qatar are reluctant to talk about the houses that they boasted would be one of the most luxurious in London. As well as the views and double-height entertaining space, potential residents were told to have the luxury of being able to order room service from a five-star hotel below and call the servants to turn off their bed. Was on the “black ladder” Elevator service shown in the plans so food and cleaners can be delivered directly to the kitchen.

Baron Phillips, a spokesman for the Irvine Sellar, the recently deceased property a visionary who led the development of Shard, refused to comment on the unsold apartments. It was Phillips who told the media that some of the world’s super-rich have expressed interest in buying apartments before the building was finished, and told me to sell them: “I think about 20 phone calls should do it, right?”




The view from the 67th floor of a skyscraper “the Shard”. Photo: Victoria Jones/PA

Convinced sellar, Italian architect Renzo piano to design the shard for lunch in Berlin in 2000, with the first designs sketched on the menu. But the project almost collapsed in the financial crisis 2007-08 to Qatar has started to buy 80% of the tower.

Representatives of the Qatar Diar real estate, a division of Fund of national well-being of the Gulf States, do not respond to requests for comment. The press Secretary of the property management, property management company appointed to oversee the daily management of the shard said that the apartment was still “completely empty shell”.

No sales of flats were recorded in the land registry. Levels 53 to 65 and exclusive entrance to the apartment on the first floor was in December 2015 for rent LBQ four, the Jersey-registered firm is considered part of the London bridge quarter, the holding company that owns the shard. 250-year lease a cost of 10 apartments totaling 199,250,000.

Henry Pryor, a luxury property buying agent, said he was not surprised that the shard owners to sell any apartments as sale of one apartment would publicly recorded price and make it harder to sell the remaining apartments more if and when London’s ultra-Prime real estate market improves.

“If they could sell them for what they want for them they would sell now,” he said. “If they will sell they will crystallize a price that makes it very difficult for future sales, because the standard has been set. It’s one of the reasons the developers added Goodies [like cars or fine wine] to keep the visible price.”

Said Pryor fragment of the apartment is not able to raise prices close to the record £136 million paid for an apartment in the candy brothers’ one Hyde Park for reasons, which any avid watcher of TV property shows to know: “location, location, location”.

“Kirsty and Phil tell us it every week, location, location, location. Rich people don’t want to fork out the billions living South of the river, it’s a shock enough to live anywhere South of the [Hyde] Park,” he said. “Nobody knows who lives South of the river.”

Shard did better absorb the lower floors for offices, although many have gone into companies or partly owned by Qatar. But some floors will continue to be let, including all 29,824 sq. m on the 12th floor.

Business school University of Warwick leased level 17 and installed a lecture theatre, perhaps the best kind of student in the world.

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